Camera Clubs

Photography Clinics & Presentations for Organizations

Our interactive clinics inspire creative image making using the proven Nettelhorst Learning Model which improves photography awareness by providing information, practicing that information and receiving gentle, but honest feedback on the results of the practice

Club presentations focus on photography

concepts, tips, tools, visual design

elements and equipment

Hands-on workshop with coaching using

concepts and techniques learned from


Participating photographers receive gentle,

but honest feedback on their practice



Option 1
Full Day Workshop (6-7hrs) which include:
Informational Presentation (1-2hr)
Hands-On Practice w/ Coaching (3hr)
Image Feedback (2hr)

Option 2
Session 1 – Club Meeting Presentation (1-1.5hr)
Session 2 – Hands-On Practice w/ Coaching (3-5hr)
Session 3 – Club Meeting Image Feedback (2hr)

Option 3
Session 1 – Club Meeting Presentation (1-1.5hr)
Session 2 – Additional Video Instruction w/ In-Field Assignment (3-5hr)
Session 3 – Online Image Feedback (2hr)

*Customization Available


Designing Your Photos: Visual Design Building Blocks
Close-up & Personal: Joys of Macro Photography
Adding Pizzazz: Photoshop® Not Required
Tips to Improve Your Photography
Pocket to Post: Smartphone Photography
Macro Composition
Custom Developed

DESIGNING YOUR PHOTOS: Using the Building Blocks of Visual Design

Level: All

Would you like to create more interesting photographs?

Learn to design images, not just take them. This presentation enhances your awareness of subjects, taps into your creativity and teaches you to SEE differently. Using the building blocks of visual design: Light, Shape, Texture, Line and Perspective, along with Four Principles of Picture Organization: Dominance, Balance, Proportion and Pattern, you will learn to create images with a fresh eye. Todd will share images illustrating all the concepts in this informative and fun presentation. Regardless of your knowledge and experience, you’ll be sure to gain a better understanding of how to create the photographs you want.

CLOSE-UP & PERSONAL: The Joys of Macro Photography

Level: All

Are you eager to learn how to capture robust images of small subjects?

We will share tools, rules, tips and tricks for creating beautiful macro photographs.  We will guide you through Tips and Tricks for Macro Photography including the four basic tips for EVERY shot, determining focus and controlling depth of field, macro effects and creative macro techniques. You’ll also receive a healthy resource list of useful literature and equipment.

ADDING PIZZAZZ: Photoshop® Not Required

Level: All

Did you know that playing can help access your creativity?

In this presentation, We will explore many creative techniques for “playing” photographically to enhance your images without relying on Photoshop®. For example, multiple exposures can form impressionistic images, creative sequences enhance slide show imagery and unusual angles make for unique compositions. You will learn how to: layer images as montages or sandwiches; shoot through water droplets using Rain-X®; and catch reflections on water, metal, Mylar® and other surfaces. Imagine the fun of creating abstracts through glass or isolating subjects using selective focus. What about time exposures or illuminating subjects with LED’s and reflectors? All these techniques may be used in the field, rather than generated on the computer. Tap into your creativity and have fun exploring some new ideas, and some old ideas differently!

Tips to Improve Your Photography

Level: All

Not happy with your pictures . . . learn these quick tips to immediately improve your next shots! 

In this presentation, you will learn four critical tips for every shot you take; Subject, Light, Background and Edges as well as more tips to enhance your images such as Separation/Proximity, Horizon, Orientation,  Distance, Line, and Angle.  With a little practice you’ll see immediate improvement.  These Tips will help you to begin making shots, instead of taking them.

Smartphone Photography

Level: All

Learn how to use the camera that is with you all the time! 

In this presentation, We will introduce you to camera apps, modes, settings, processing tools, and accessories such as lenses to help you use your smartphone to capture amazing images.  We will walk you through a live, interactive session showing you a step by step workflow of camera apps for both iphone and android.  With a little practice you’ll see immediate improvement and understanding of this incredible handy tool for capturing images you can be proud of.

Macro Composition

Level: All

Looking to improve your macro compositions?  We will share guidelines, tips and equip you with tools for composing beautiful macro photographs. We will guide you through Tips  for Macro Photography, including the four basic tips for EVERY shot, determining focus, controlling depth of field, macro concepts, creative macro techniques and give you a healthy resource list of useful literature and equipment.

Clubs Served

  • You two are both super likable guys! And passionate about teaching and photography. I think the number one thing to get people to join someone on a workshop is whether they like you or not. This is why your students follow you around the world. From speaking with people that have worked with you in the past, I have heard nothing but super positive comments.
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  • Thanks for a great presentation. It really helps to have good examples of what you are teaching, and your colorful photos brought home the lessons in spades. 
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  • Thanks again for being so easy to work with and such a good's a real compliment to your skills and personality. My hat is off to you!
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  • Special thanks to Lou for being a great leader and knocking the ball out of the park!
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  • Thanks for a great seminar at CAPS on Sunday. I got a lot out of it and your brief but powerful suggestions gave me a lot to think about and a lot to employ into my photographs.
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  • Thank you also for your professionalism in all aspects of your presentation. We greatly appreciate that you were fully prepared for each presentation and began each on time, but more importantly; your seminar content and teaching style are superb. THANK YOU!!!
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  • We feel as though we’ve gained a new Friend and that means that you truly hit your audience in the Bull’s Eye. Great Job!!!
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  • Thank you for your exceptional presentations at the NANPA Road Show this past weekend. We truly enjoyed meeting you and learning from you. You’ve inspired us to get serious with Macro and I can already feel the credit card heating up.
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