Critique Series: On Assignment – Essence of Fall

Essence of Fall

Sunday, November 12th, 2017 from 7:30pm – 9:30pm CST

Registration Fee: $19.95 (non-refundable)

LED BY: Lou Nettelhorst, Todd Nettelhorst

Looking to energize your photos or need some inspiration to get out and make new images??  This is a chance to receive gentle, but honest feedback on your images!

Join our NEW Online Critique Series – On Assignment.

This month – ESSENCE OF FALL . . .


Take this theme as an assignment to shoot as if you were creating a photo essay on the ESSENCE OF FALL. What represents FALL to you? Go for it and let’s see what you get.

The feedback is gentle, honest and very informative to help improve your compositions, and, of course, you can learn from others’ photos.  Remember, this is not about competition, but rather a real chance to grow photographically.  Sign up now!!


ANYONE’S WELCOME! For our session, you’ll SELECT ten (10) images to share your ESSENCE OF FALL assignment interpretation, then out from your assignment images SELECT four (4) to receive feedback from Lou & Todd. 

INSTRUCTIONS regarding the uploading of your images and sign-in procedures will be provided after you’re registered. Basically, you’ll upload jpg images to our website; they’re imported into Lightroom for the critique; and Zoom is our online program. It’s an easy and painless process!

DISCLAIMER: The comments we make about your images are just opinions. There’s no right or perfect answers, just opinions based on our experience. The images are yours, and you can choose to accept or reject our comments. We want to add to your growth, if we can, but not put you down. Our critiquing usually involves mentioning what we like about an image and then things that might be tweaked for the next time you’re in a similar situation. Many times we’ll engage you in a little dialogue about your image and shooting experiences. Our total intent is to create a learning experience for everyone. Know that this is not about competition, but rather an opportunity to learn from how we originally shoot in the camera.


For those who haven’t experienced the critiquing, here are some participants’ comments from Feedback Surveys:

a) About the Leaders

– There are so few people who get the opportunity to live what they are called to do, and you sir, I believe with my whole heart, are doing exactly what you are supposed to. You’re amazing at teaching and taking photos!! (Liz)

– You’re a fantastic teacher – patient, clear, humorous and clearly skilled in your passion. Thanks, Lou. (Susan)

– Absolutely Lou, you bring out the best talents in everyone. Even talents they never knew they were blessed with. You’re an amazing teacher, coach, and friend. (Mark)

b) What Went Well…

– Critiques – I believe the critique sessions are one of the most valuable parts of the workshop. Yours [Lou] were Great.  I experienced an “aha” moment this evening. I realized that the majority of images that I have taken and sensed that they don’t “feel right” (but could not articulate why)- they lack balance! (Vicki)

– Suggestions to try new approaches, stimulating ideas, make photography alive (Kent)

– I like seeing others’ ideas. (Barb)

– The encouragement! When I’m least inspired, it helps to see the work of others; your gentle manner and impressive expertise give me encouragement and ideas — and HOPE!! (Denise)

– Great feedback on my photos and great learning from others’; photos/techniques (Jim)

– I like seeing the work of other participants and thinking about what I might do w/ the same image or in a similar situation. (Sue)

c) What did you learn…

– A new way to “see.” (Karen)

– How to slow down and get the shot I want. (Laurie)

– Focus my head, as well as the shot! (Denise)

– Take more time with each image before pressing the shutter. (Jim)

– worked to merge technical & emotions, incredible teacher. (Sherry)

d) From Carolyn (an unsolicited email)

– I really enjoyed last night’s session. I have learned so much from you about analyzing my shots, i.e., how to compose a picture.

– I look forward to the Feb. 12th session and future classes with you. You have a wonderful way of viewing our work with suggestions and enthusiasm. Even though I feel that I have the least experience in the group, you have made me feel that I can obtain a higher degree of expertise. Thank you for all your help.


Online Feedback Session: Sunday, November 12th, 2017, @ 7:30pm to 9:30pm CST


$19.95 (non-refundable)  Maximum/minimum: 10/4 participants

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“There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.” ~ Ansel Adams