Deb Simpson

Deb Simpson

Photographer, Educator
Deb’s interest in, and love of, photography began in high school as she worked with film and her father’s manual 35mm camera in science class.  As a child, when asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, Deb responded “A National Geographic photographer.”  Life ensued and although a camera was always handy, her hobby was largely put on hold as she pursued her career in the computer industry with jobs in customer service, corporate training, sales and marketing.   After her children were born she began a second career in the travel field, working as a travel consultant and finally as the director of sales and marketing in a travel-related business.  Now in her third “career”, Deb has developed her photography skills through numerous classes, workshops and practice.  With Lou and Todd’s excellent teaching and encouragement, she has turned into a skilled hobbyist. Deb has now joined the Nettelhorst Images team as a marketing consultant and budding photography teacher and coach.