Fall Macro Workshop

Close-Up & Personal Photography

WORKSHOP: Workshop: Sunday, November 3rd, 2019 from 9:00am to 6:00pm CST Grayslake, IL

REGISTRATION FEE: $165 / per session  (5 min. / 10 max. – non-refundable)


LED BY: Lou Nettelhorst, Todd Nettelhorst


What a GREAT opportunity for FEEDBACK on your images! Join Lou & Todd for this one day workshops to get close-up and personal with your images. Go into those tiny worlds and see whole new “vistas.” They’ll have extension tubes available to try with telephoto and/or macro lenses on your Canon or Nikon cameras. So, if you don’t have a macro lens, you can still sign up and use the extension tubes to capture those close- ups. Why not try shooting through art glass?

Macro Workshop is designed for both the less experienced and more experienced photographers.  Those less experienced with macro are offered a lesson on macro concepts followed by two shooting and feedback sessions. Those more experienced macro shooter, like those who previously taken a macro workshop, there’s no lesson, just an introductory participant photo sharing, followed by two shooting and feedback sessions.  Plenty of shooting time!! We will have tons of macro subject matter.  Learn by doing and seeing others’ images.  Professional coaching provided for those wanting assistance.

All of Lou and Todd’s workshops, outings, classes and lessons include Lou’s learning cycle, which is to provide INFORMATION, give opportunities to PRACTICE using the information, and then receive FEEDBACK on the practice results. It’s all about the fun of learning by doing. We’re discovering and exploring your artist within!!

WORKSHOP LOCATION Both workshops will be held in Lou’s Grayslake home located at: 82 Jamestown Court Grayslake, IL

ABOUT THE LEADERS Lou Nettelhorst is an accomplished, artistic photographer who shares his extensive knowledge on revealing nature’s beauty through workshops, seminars, classrooms, publications, and exhibitions. A photo editor summed up Lou’s photographs as follows, “Intensity, powerful color, bouncing form, and dramatic, emotional play characterize Lou’s creative photographic style. As a viewer, you’ll want to crawl into Lou’s scenes and become one with the flora and fauna!”

Todd Nettelhorst is also an accomplished, artistic photographer, as well. His charismatic energy and unique photographic perspective is very contagious. He has a passion for the visual arts and helping others bring out the best in their creative abilities.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND This workshop is designed to accommodate all levels of photographic experience. It is important, however, that participants be familiar with their equipment and its operation.

EQUIPMENT RECOMMENDATIONS A digital SLR camera with a battery of lenses that may capture wide-angle to telephoto and macro subjects and a sturdy tripod are recommended. If you don’t have a macro lens, using extension tubes are a wonderful substitute. A polarizing filter is a good idea to cut glare off the leaves and enrich the color. A Hoodman loupe allows you to see your LCD screen without glare. Other accessories suggested are: blower and lens cloth, extra batteries and plenty of flash or memory cards, diffusion disk and reflector, remote control, flashlight, sun screen, and knee pads.  Bring your equipment in a backpack or carry it in a vest. BTW: newer camera phones can take excellent photos and video, as well.

DRESS and PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS We’ll be indoors, so wear comfortable clothes and shoes for standing at work stations for an extended period of time.

LODGING, TRANSPORTATION and MEALS O’Hare (ORD) and Milwaukee (MKE) are the closest airports within convenient driving distance.  A block of rooms have been reserved under Nettelhorst Workshop at a local motel, the Comfort Suites – Grayslake, 1775 East Belvidere Road, Grayslake, IL 60030, (847) 223-5050.  Participants are responsible for their own reservations and transportation to and from the workshop. You’ll need a sack lunch, snacks and laptop with a flash drive to make your images available for review.

DATE and TIME Sunday, November 3rd, 2019 from 9:00am to 6:00pm CST – Grayslake, IL

REGISTRATION FEES $165 / per session (non-refundable) (min. 5/ max. 10 participants) We will send final instructions email about two weeks before the workshop. If the workshop is full, when you attempt to pay, you will be directed to complete a request to be placed on our waitlist. Participant cancellations are possible, leaving space for those on the waitlist. NOTE: In case minimum registration isn’t met, we will notify participants promptly and refund payments in full. The workshop may still be offered to interested photographers at a higher fee.

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“There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.” ~ Ansel Adams

  • I liked that Lou was able to work with each person according to their needs, photographic challenges & interests, respecting each person for who they are, and retaining a sense of community while doing so.
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  • I like the organization of the program and that all distractions were taken care of making it easy to focus on photography.  I especially like the on-site feedback and daily reviews.
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  • An overall fantastic workshop! This workshop has far exceeded my expectations, and really changed the way I look at photography. I look forward to joining you on a future trip!
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Fall Macro Workshop Details & Contact

Grayslake, IL

WORKSHOP: Sunday, November 3rd, 2019 from 9:00am to 6:00pm CST Grayslake, IL

REGISTRATION FEE: $165  (5 min. / 10 max – non-refundable)



LED BY: Lou Nettelhorst, Todd Nettelhorst

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    Limited Availability: Reserve your spot today!

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