Winter Outing – Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park - Chicago

Sunday, February 25th, 2018 @ 9:00am to 1:00pm
Chicago, IL (CST)

Sunday, March 11th, 2017 @ 7:30 to 9:30pm

$90 (non-refundable)

LED BY: Lou Nettelhorst, Todd Nettelhorst

Have you seen Lake Michigan’s icy rolling waves splash up on the shore creating spectacular ice sculptures?  How about a stroll through the zoo catching animals in the winter elements?  Or the tranquilly of the park along the paths and ponds?

Winter in Lincoln Park and the lakefront on the North side of Chicago opens up unique photographic opportunities in a variety of locations to unleash your creativity and capture amazing images so few shoot.

Come join Lou and Todd Nettelhorst on a winter adventure along the shores and in the park North of downtown Chicago.  They will provide multiple shoot locations with individualized coaching as you explore your own photographic styles.  During the prior week, they scout to determine the best locations.  Then, the participants are given final instructions by email the week before the outing. If convenient, carpooling to the photographic site is encouraged.

Following the Outing, on Sunday evening, March 11th from 7:30 – 9:30 pm, Lou and Todd will host an online photo feedback session, discussing sample images from each participant.


Lou Nettelhorst is an accomplished professional landscape and nature photographer and teacher. Lou’s images have been published in Nature’s Best Photography, Outdoor Photographer, North American Nature Photography Association’s Member Showcase and Chicago Wilderness Magazine and numerous other publications. His photography has also earned numerous fine art exhibition awards. Lou’s hallmark is his eagerness to share his professional experience while providing encouragement and humor in a teaching and coaching environment.

Todd Nettelhorst has had a passion for photography and videography much of his life. His path to becoming a professional photographer began while documenting the honesty of his children’s lives as others asked him to capture that same spirit for their families. His un-posed, un-planned, spontaneous style of people and his magnificent nature photography makes his portfolio unique. Todd uses his unique perspective to enable his students to see the “pictures within pictures.”


All of Lou and Todd’s outings  include their learning cycle, which is to provide INFORMATION, give opportunities to PRACTICE using the information, and then receive FEEDBACK on your practice. It’s all about the fun of learning by doing. Participants will learn techniques of lakeside, macro and general landscape photography tailored to their individual level of experience. Lou and Todd are passionate about making great photographs. Their goal is to help you do the same.


This workshop is designed to accommodate all levels of photographic experience. It is important, however, that participants be familiar with their equipment and its operation.


 Digital SLR
 Lenses for various types of shooting

o Wide-angle
o Telephoto
o Macro (or extension tubes)

 Sturdy tripod
 Polarizing Filter
 Neutral Density Filter
 External flash (optional)
 Hoodman Loupe
 Backpack or camera bag to carry equipment
 Accessories

o Extra batteries and chargers
o Flash memory cards
o Cable release/Remote control
o Flashlight and/or headlamp
o Knee Pads
o Blower and lens cloth
o Diffusion disk and reflector
o Ground cloth
o Camera manual

Note: These are recommendations: Lou and Todd will work with the equipment you have. A few Hoodman loupes, reflectors and diffusion disks, plus extension tubes for Canon and Nikon will be available for participants to use. If you are considering purchasing equipment prior to the workshop or have questions, feel free to contact Lou or Todd for assistance:

Additionally, newer camera phones can take excellent photos and video, as well.


In the Winter, weather is quite variable and chilly. Be sure to check the forecast and dress accordingly. Waterproof shoes or boots above the ankles are recommended because a few location may require trekking through the snow.  Physical requirement: Appropriate for people in good health and moderate to good shape.  Moderate hiking and walking.


Participants are responsible for transportation to and from the outing. We recommend that you bring water, some snacks, even a sandwich for lunch.


Outing: Sunday, February 25th, 2018, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm in Lincoln Park, Chicago Illinois.

Online Photo Feedback Session: Sunday, March 11, 7:30 – 9:30 pm


$90 (non-refundable, unless a replacement participant is provided, in which case, a $15 administrative fee is charged) The fee includes coaching during the outing and a two-hour photo feedback session.  Maximum/minimum: 14/4 participants
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“There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.” ~ Ansel Adams

  • What the Participants are saying...
    Critiques: When I'm least inspired, it helps to see the work of others; your gentle manner and impressive expertise give me encouragement and ideas -- and HOPE!!
  • What the Participants are saying...
    Critiques: I like seeing the work of other participants and thinking about what I might do with the same image or in a similar situation.

Winter Outing - Lincoln Park Outing Details & Contact

Lincoln Park - Chicago, Illinois
OUTING: Sunday, February 25th, 2018 @ 9:00am to 1:00pm
Chicago, IL

ONLINE FEEDBACK SESSION: Sunday, March 11th, 2018 @ 7:30 to 9:30pm

OUTING FEE: $90 (non-refundable)

LED BY: Lou Nettelhorst, Todd Nettelhorst

Terms & Conditions

Limited Availability – RESERVE YOUR SPOT TODAY!

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    Lincoln Park - Chicago Illinois