SWMCCC – 2019 Weekend of Photography and Digital Imaging

SWMCCC - 2019 Weekend of Photography and Digital Imaging

July 26-28, 2019 Hope College – Holland, MI

The Southwestern Michigan Council of Camera Clubs invites you to attend the 45th annual Summer Weekend of Photography and Digital Imaging.  Beginner, advanced, and semi-pro photographers will find instructional opportunities and shooting sessions designed to enhance your creative skills and knowledge of photographic tools.  Join us for a fun-filled weekend pf photographic learning and friendship, while sharpening your photographic skills.

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“There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.” ~ Ansel Adams

Instructional Sessions

Lou & Todd Nettelhorst

Close up and Personal: The Joys of Macro Photography - Part 1 - Information Session

Eager to learn how to capture impactful images of small subjects?

Lou and Todd share their tools, tips and tricks for creating beautiful macro photographs by introducing their four basic tips for EVERY shot. They will also guide you through determining focus, controlling depth of field, in addition to seeing a variety of macro effects and creative macro techniques. This workshop is a sure way to begin creating stunning close-up images and enhance your current macro photography skill set.

Close up and Personal: The Joys of Macro Photography - Part 2 - Practice Session

An immediate chance to use those tips and tricks . . . dive right into the larger than life world of macro!

Lou and Todd will have a variety of tabletop stations for you to practice shooting macro subjects with different backgrounds, lightboxes, and much more. They will provide many interesting subjects to shoot, as well as hands-on coaching to assist with your compositions. They will help you see differently, give instant feedback and help you work your subjects to find pictures within pictures.

Macro Photo Feedback Session (1 & 2)

Want to enjoy feedback on macro images?

In these two sessions, Lou and Todd will give honest, but gentle feedback and offer suggestions and pointers on minimally processed images created during the Friday and Saturday afternoon Macro Practice Sessions. The feedback for each session will cover different images so that you’ll hear new information in each session. Everyone is welcome to attend and learn, whether you’ve submitted images or not!  Please Note:  Photography is an Art and an expression of the photographer’s vision. The feedback and suggestions that Lou and Todd make during the review session are opinions based on their experience and preferred methods. There are no “right” or “perfect” photographs!  The aim is to add to the photographer’s personal journey with their art. Lou and Todd create a welcoming learning experience for everyone. This feedback is NOT about competition, but rather an opportunity to learn from each other.

Tips to Quickly Improve your Photography

Not happy with your pictures? Learn these tips to immediately improve your next shots!

In this presentation, Lou and Todd will describe and illustrate four critical tips for every shot you take: Subject, Light, Background and Edges. You will be amazed at the difference these simple guidelines will make in your photography! Once you’ve mastered those, it’s time to move on to other tips to enhance your images, including: Horizons, Lines, Angles, Orientation, Distance and Separation. With a little practice you’ll see immediate improvement. The handout for the presentation comes with a cutout of these Tips that can be laminated and put in your camera bag as a reference. The results are amazing when applying these simple Tips. You, too, can now begin making photographs, instead of just taking shots!